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OYO - Organize Your Office

OYO is a Portuguese Software 100% WEB, for management of small and medium sized companies, on all sectors of ativities, which provides information at any time and any place, and all thet is necessary is to have access to internet. This software helps in the daily management of the company and provides a set of functionalities who allow to costumize processes and daily operations, in a way to face, with success, the worldwide challenges. 

This is a system who intends to simplify the life of companies by the dayle management, integrated ang global extended, serving diverse areas of work: Documental & Financial Management and Human Resources.

Bilbao Exhibition Centre

Bilbao Exhibition Centre is among the most moderns exhibition grounds all over the world, by is design and equipmment. His facilitites incorporate very innovative construction elements, which allows to offer the best attention to all his users, making the participation in the different exhibitions and events that compose theis callendar, more confortable.

To be versatil, flexible and to have large capacity facilities, puts BEC in a privilegous position to have meetings from small size, to big events with thousands of people and to adapt to the needs of profissionals, companies and public. BEC receives Exhibitions, Congress, Business Meetings, Conferences, Exams, Product Presentations, Birthday Parties, Dinners, Parties, Musical Shows, Sports and Cultural Events, from small to big size. Thoughout the year, BEC organizes his own management competitions, by brands well known in the national and internacional panorama, besides events organized with other partners and evetns organized by other people, with a very diverse profile.


General Foundation of Salamanca's University

The General Foundation of Salamanca's University was cconceived in 1998 with and organism directed to the accomplish of goals of the University of Salamanca: To promote the relation University - Company, to contribute for the cultural and professional qualification, to develop degrees and specialized activities of continuous education, to disseminate scientific and technical knowledge and also to detect the need os the companies.

It is an Institution of high academic qualification, based in Salamanca, and it is the most antique University of Spain.

By being and institution renamed internacionally, it assumes itself a crucial part on the relation University - Company, trying to provide his students with essential tools to get in the bussiness and professional market and to create a more solid and sustainable business environment. 


German Comercial Agent - Mr. Harald Wichmann

Cooperation Protocol signed with a German Comercial Agent, who has participation in the markets of Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Chez Republic, with his main goal on suporting companies entering internacional markets and with a vision to be very interesting and advantageous for the companies of our region.

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